Hello and welcome - InsaneLittleProjects is a collection of personal and collaborative projects that lives somewhere between Photography/Behavior/Technology.

My interest in these areas has led me to disguise as a speculative home buyer in eight emerging economies (Suburbia Gone Wild). Forced a number of photographers to take my portrait (The Portraitists). Made it possible for thousands of people around the world to participate in a daily ritual of capturing mundane moments at the exact same minute (minutiae). And most recently helped anyone with a smartphone to detect visual patterns in their everyday surrounding (Threshold). I live in Brooklyn but usually work from Betaworks Studios, before that I spent four years at New Museum’s incubator program New Inc.

If you wonder what else I spend my time on take a look here or here. I’m not gonna bore you with a tedious artist statement but I’m very excited about creating small scale app based photography experiences accessible to anyone with a smartphone and a little bit of curiosity. If that’s something that interests you as well, then drop me a line at or find me on twitter.


Martin Adolfsson


Projects I love:

#Selfie by Tom Stayte

The erased Rauschenberg by Nikolas Bentel

Totality by Katie Paterson